I Create Memorable Email Experiences For Brands I Believe In (and would trust with my own family).

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Early childhood email marketer

I love watching the joy and wonder of childhood and I've seen how much better my kids do when they can direct their own learning through play and exploration. I partner with businesses who share this belief because I want to help more parents find the confidence to trust their children and the learning process. 

Through data-driven marketing that's rooted in story, I help early childhood companies create more meaningful and magical brand experiences, leading to increased customer loyalty and revenue. 

Hi, I’m Ashley Crowe — Early Childhood Email Marketer, Numbers Geek, and Unschooling Mom of 3

Growing your business means more children learning through play, which is my ultimate “why”.


Forget basic Google Docs of email copy you’re left to set up by yourself. I actually assemble and schedule your marketing campaigns and flows for you in your chosen email service provider. 

The full email marketing package also includes A/B testing, customer segmentation, and a comprehensive monthly report so you can track growth and prep for what’s coming next. 


Numbers can tell you a lot — like where lost revenue is waiting in your email pipeline. 

I'll bring strategy and clarity to how you're collecting, organizing, and analyzing customer data, then use these insights to tell authentic stories guaranteed to grab your audience’s attention (because the numbers said so!). 

There's both an art and a science to successful email marketing.

I blend numbers and analytics with creative storytelling. The result — impactful email marketing campaigns your readers will remember.

I wholeheartedly believe there's no one way to learn. But when education is rooted in curiosity and exploration, meaningful growth can occur effortlessly. I want to help more parents find the confidence to trust their children and the learning process, helping them foster a lifelong love of learning.

My guiding values

Our family loves stumbling upon everyday magical moments. One of my favorites — traveling through Redwood National Forest. With the towering trees and shimmering sunshine, it was like a fantasy novel come to life. I’ll never forget that feeling of being surrounded by earthly magic!

wonder & magic

curiosity & learning

My family is definitely my why. I have three little boys, ages 8, 5, and 3, and my biggest priority is spending time with them. There's no way a regular 9 to 5 would give me that precious time. And as an unschooling family, I love the extra flexibility. We've learned we all do better with a bit more spontaneity.

family & connection

where i stand on the important stuff — 

Mounds of cozy blankets and spicy Chinese food while relaxing on the couch with my family. Watching the Lord of the Rings trilogy (special extended versions, of course).

my idea of a perfect day:

Hufflepuff, through and through!

my hogwarts house:

Good cheese (and wine), geeky shows and movies, exploring new towns or trails, and listening to my boys tell me about their day.

my favorite things:

I'd be Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus. A little quirky with a love of science and magic alike!

if i were a cartoon character:

"Ashley is a highly skilled writer who was able to meet deadlines and work on challenging content that required thorough research. I highly recommend her!"

— Christian s.

I partner with early childhood brands who believe in nurturing each child’s desire for curiosity, exploration, and growth.

The brands I partner with are often led by parents. Parents who are excited to make meaningful connections with families. Parents who believe their products and services can make a positive impact in households, backyards, and wherever else learning naturally happens. 

And even though these parents have a million and one things to do, they strive to make time for adventures or watching a little Bluey with their kids!

Let’s Inspire More Play-Based Learning (and Imaginations Running Wild).

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Supporting early childhood brands through story-driven email marketing.